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LF Connection Keeper 5.11
os: Windows   size: 820.66 KBytes
The latest full version of LF Connection Keeper. Includes all the latest features.
Supports login for: Telia, ComHem, One / Bahnhof, Tele 2 and Tiscali

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LF Connection Keeper is shareware for commercial and educational use and can be used for evaluation
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LF Connection Keeper is freeware for private non-commercial use only.

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The archive must however be kept intact and contain all the files of the original archive.

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The software can be included on any shareware CD-ROM. It is however required that you
e-mail me in advance and tell me that the software will be distributed on a CD-ROM,
unless I have been previously notified and have given my consent.

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It can however be a commercial system or site, in that it charges companies for commercial-spots, etc.


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