Most of our work is done together with our customers, for our customers, tailored to meet their specific requirements and can therefore not be made available to the public.

We do however have a small selection of software that we can make available for order and download below.

LF Connection Keeper (Windows)
  - Sweden's #1 software for managing broadband internet connections!
A powerful utility that automatically logs in to and keeps you connected to Sweden's leading broadband suppliers.

With advanced features like automatic DHCP management and network traffic monitoring for any connection type, it's frequently recommended by the major ISP's customer and technical support.

LF Verkstad
  - Vehicle repair shop management, from work order to invoice
A complete management program for vehicle repair shops with their own vehicle park. Get reminders when it's time to call in vehicles for service.

Log work orders including parts and services for each vehicle. Automatically generate summarized invoices for each customer and month.

LF Online Shop
  - The small, database independent, user friendly online shop
This is a small and yet powerful online shop that is totally independent of any external databases.

The product and category lists are easily edited through your favorite text editor or through Microsoft Excel.

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