LF Connection Keeper
Version: 0.2 (2000-11-16)
Written by Lennart Franzén in 2000
© Lennart Franzén 2000, All rights reserved

A small and useful program to
login and keep you connected to:
Telia HomeRun
Telia Broadband (Flexicom / ADSL)
Telia Internet Cable (ComHem)
Tiscali Bredband

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Login and Logoff
You can connect or disconnect by one simple command

Auto Start and login
The daemon can easily be started upon boot through the standard rc.d. If the first connection try fails it shows a warning message (only once) and automatically retries again in 10 sec. until the connection is successful.

Keep Alive
To avoid getting disconnected all the time I have a keepalive feature with user setable delay

Easy Reconnection
IF your get disconnected in spite of the keep alive function, all you have to do is to sent a new start command.

System Requirements

LF Connection Keeper is programmed in ANSI C for 32 bit Intel Linux systems using GLIBC 2.0 / 2.1.

Note that for the moment I only release binaries, we'll see what happens in the future...

Since LF Connection Keeper is designed for use with Telia's broadband Internet services it will not be of any use to other people.

Release History

v0.2 - 2000-11-16
Included support for Telia's new ELAS login servers and optimized the code a bit.
Also changed the location of the program files.
Don't forget to remove your old installation of version v0.1!

v0.1 - 2000-03-20
This was the first released Linux version.


You need to be user root during the whole installation.

  • Extract the files to a temporary directory by typing:
    tar zxf ./LFConKeep_linux02.tgz
    You should now have a directory named
  • Copy the program files:
    cd ./lfconkeep/
    cp ./lfck /usr/local/bin
    cp ./lfck.conf /etc/
  • Setup auto start by copying the file rlfck to e.g. your /etc/rc.d/init.d dir.
  • Create symbolic links to the rlfck file in your rc#.d dirs: (rc2.d, rc3.d etc.)
    cd /etc/rc.d/rc3.d
    ln -s ../init.d/rlfck S99lfck
  • Edit the configuration file lfck.conf.
  • Start the program manually with:
    /usr/local/bin/lfck start
  • Stop the program manually with:
    /usr/local/bin/lfck stop


Feel free to contact me at support@lfdomain.com
if you have any questions or suggestions regarding LF Connection Keeper

Please respect that I do not leave any support regarding your internet connection or LAN.
Your ISP's support beares that responsibility.

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Price List

LF Connection Keeper is shareware for commercial and educational use. It's freeware for private non-commercial use only.

If you're running a business from your home you'll need a commercial license.

In order to run LF Connection Keeper on a server you'll need one server license per server and additional client licenses for every client computer that advantage of the servers Internet connection.

To buy licenses or if you have any order related questions, contact me at order@lfdomain.com.

License Type Server Client
Commercial 350:- 150:-
Educational 150:- 100:-
Prices are in Swedish Krona

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