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Version: 0.2 (2001-01-01)
Written by Lennart Franzén in 2001
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Product List
The product list is devided into categories which each have their own set of product specifications.

The user can sort the product list after each product specification allowing the user to sort e.g. monitors after inch, dotpitch, price etc.

LF Online Shop comes with keyword search capabilities allowing the users to quickly find the products they are looking for.

Shopping Cart
When browsing the product list, the customer can easely add an item to his or her shopping cart.
The customers can edit their shopping carts whenever they want. Editing allowes them to easely remove items or just change the quantity.

Online Order
When the customer have chosen the products he or she wants they have the option to send an order to the shop owner, generated directly from their shopping cart.

Credit Card payment
LF Online Shop itself can't process credit card payments, however there's a lot of more or less free authorized Credit Card payment services available on the net which easely can be used in combination with LF Online Shop.

Clean and Easy GUI
LF Online Shop is designed to give the customer a clean and easy to use interface to your online shop.

You can customize the shop to fit your personal needs with different layout, pictures and colors.

No expensive database needed
The shop was originally designed to be used by smaller companies who doesn't want to invest any big money into a database server. There for the shop only uses a plain textfile for category and product lists.

These can both be easely edited with a plain text editor or with MS Excel.

The shopping cart is based on cookies and therefor eliminates the need for the server administrator to keep a customer shopping cart database.

System Requirements

LF Online Shop is programmed in ANSI C and will compile and run on most unix, linux and windows 32bit systems. You'll need a cgi capable web server such as Apache to execute the online shop.

Clients / Online
The customers interface to LF Online Shop is through their web browser which must be frames capable, support java script and allow cookies. All newer version of MS Internet Explorer, Netscate and Opera supports this.


Feel free to contact me at support@lfdomain.com if you have any questions or suggestions regarding LF Online Shop

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Price List

This product is discontinued and is no longer available for order.

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