LF Verkstad
Version: 0.09 (2010-02-15)
Written by Lennart Franzén in 2007
© Lennart Franzén 2007, All rights reserved

LF Verkstad

Vehicle repair shop management, from work order to invoice

Keep track of your vehicle park, their service intervals and all the work that has been performed

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  • Vehicle registry

  • Keep an easily searchable registry of your vehicles, including inventory no., license plate no., make, model
  • Part registry

  • Keep a parts registry with prices for easy inclusion on the work order
  • Mechanics registry

  • Your mechanics are added to the system and enter their own work through out the work day
  • Service reminders

  • By entering specific service intervals for each vehicle, it's easy to keep track of which vehicles are due for a service
  • Add service

  • When a vehicle is serviced, it's mileage and other details is entered into it's log book
  • Add work

  • When a vehicle has been repaired or serviced, the mechanic enters the job details along with the time it took and the parts he used
  • Invoicing

  • The completed work and services can be collected and invoiced for each vehicle either individually or in bulk
  • Customer WEB integration

  • All details for each invoice can be stored on disk in HTML for easy customer-web integration as well as being printed to paper or PDF

    System Requirements

    LF Verkstad is programmed using MicrosoftFoundationClasses in Visual C++ for 32 bit windows but runs in all later versions of Windows.

    The software has been tested on

    • Windows 11
    • Windows 10
    • Windows XP
    • Windows 2000, Professional and Server
    • Windows 98, first and second edition
    LF Verkstad backend relies on a SQL database server and is shipped with a standard version of MySQL that can be run on most operating systems.


    Feel free to contact me at support@lfdomain.com if you have any questions or suggestions regarding the software

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    Price List

    This product is specifically tailored for each customer. To buy licenses or if you have any order related questions, please contact me at order@lfdomain.com.

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