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  • Does LFCK support PPPoE logins?
  • The network graph shows a solid green line
  • The Network Interface Card list under the Network tab in the configuration is empty
    The DHCP functions doesn't work

  • How do I uninstall the 0.2 version?
  • How do I uninstall the 0.3x / 0.4x / 5.x versions?
    Make sure you have shut down LFCK before uninstalling.
    Proceed by clicking the "Uninstall LF Connection Keeper" icon in LFCK's start menu group.
    If you're having problem uninstalling this way you can do it manually.
    * Start LFCK and enter the configuration
    * Deselect the "Run as Service" and "Start with Windows" options
    * Shut down LFCK through the menu File -> Exit
    * Go to the original installation directory and remove all the files

  • I get an error message about "mfc42.dll" what is that?
  • LFCK won't login after I installed Norton Internet Security 2003.
  • When I'm not logged in as Administrator, LFCK keeps asking for the user name and password.
  • I get "Internet Connection Failed" when I'm trying to log in, or the Auto detection of the login server fails
  • I get "Internet Connection Failed" when LFCK starts with windows
  • I get "Response 502" or "Response 504" when I'm trying to log in
  • I get "Response 503" when I'm trying to log in

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